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Michaela Molls - Duisburg

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Atlantis High Priest Training

5 day seminars with 3 high priest

Snacks and drinks included

Lunch at your own expense / info hotel, directions and surroundings
6 months supervision and personal care
1 Atlantic channeled training & vibration book
"A New Way in the Light of the World"
on request Atlantic high priest ring (special costs +160 Euro)
with ring ceremony and personal acceptance into the high priesthood

after the training

free participation in high priest events (Kultur Duisburg)
free access to the Atlantic Library
high priest community

costs 2.500 Euro per person

Atlantic High Priest Training

Duration approx. 1/2 year

5 Training Days - 1 Atlantic BOOK "A New Way in the Light of Time


Training starts with a signature on the registration form, if you decide in your mind, the preparation phase begins. We aren´t the trainers, only the assistants.


For half a year we will be at your side with our experience and support you in your transformation process into the New Time Consciousness.


5 day seminars will help you to synchronize, increase your energies and go through your processes more easily.


24 hours a transformation process takes place to transform your energetic body and energy fields, which has effects on your experience.


After half a year, the foundations have been laid on which you can build independently and completely self-sufficiently.


Because of your free will, development and ascent only take place with your own effort. Every human being is responsible for his own being. We can only show you the WAY.


After completing your training, you will receive free access to the previously channeled Atlantean High Priests' writings in the Atlantean Library and can continue your education free of charge. No further training is required.


After the training you will be able to work completely free and independent as well as self-determined, with your individual abilities.


This training is LIFE CHANGING


As a high priest you are entitled to an Atlantic vibratory ring, which you can purchase for a fee after training. It serves both the energetic connection and connection, as well as the harmonization of your energies.


High priests have free access to most events, inform yourself.





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